Small groups are coming this summer!


The details: We have sign ups for each weeknight. Signup for the night that works best for you/your family. We’ll gauge how many groups we have based on the number signed up for each night. All groups will meet at the church at 7pm and all groups will discuss that Sunday’s sermon. There will be a facilitator guide to help get the discussion going. 

Why small groups? There are three main reasons. 1) Spiritual growth happens better with others. We spend a lot of time at church in rows listening. Small groups provide an opportunity to get into circles and discuss God’s Word together. Small groups will be an avenue where you can ask questions and discuss the Sunday sermon with others. 2) Small groups provide community. As we walk through the book of Acts on Sunday morning, we are seeing how the first church did life together. Small Groups are an opportunity to encourage, pray, and fellowship together. As God continues to grow Grace, Small Groupsprovide a way to get smaller and connect with people that sit on the opposite side of the church. 3) Jesus said that people will know we are his followers by our love for one another (John 13:35). Since we arrived in August, our family has been blown away by the kindness and love at Grace. Small groups will allow people of all ages to listen and learn from each other. This will be an opportunity to continue to live out Jesus’ words together.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining a small group this summer. You will be an integral part of this ministry. Don’t miss out. Sign up today!